Sunday, February 26, 2017

Project 365 Week 8

This week completely flew by and got away from me.  We had several days of abnormally springy weather for February in Delaware so the kids got a lot of outside play in.  It was nice to take a few outdoor photos with out the side effect of ice cold fingers.

With beautiful 70 degree weather,  we took a family outing to Longwood Gardens.  One of the perks of being a member is free stroller rental.  The 3 big kids pretended the stroller was their rocket ship and sang the Little Einsteins theme song the entire way too and from the conservatory.  This photo was taken at the end of the hallway of award winning bathrooms (yes, bathrooms apparently can receive awards!) Lily and Zélie were waiting for the boys to get changed into dry clothes after a fun day playing in the fabulous indoor Children's Garden.

This photo depicts what I consider to be a very typical morning in the life of Atticus.  He is wearing his required item of orange clothing (his favorite color) and a few random costume pieces.  The snack of frozen corn and the fact that he is standing at the spice table to drink his milk is just so very typical of my little guy.  This is the type of memory I was hoping to capture when I started this project.

Little Ish had a lot of fun putting together his makeshift Darth Vader costume.  I particularly like that he is wearing his Daddy's boots. 

It was such a blessing to get together with my friend and her children this week.  Our kids get along really well so we pretty much get to sit and chat while they play.  Her sweet 4 yearold is so good with the babies--Zélie is fascinated with her-- that we actually manage to not have to do too much baby wrangling either. 

The big kids decided to celebrated the unseasonably warm weather by flooding our back patio with the hose.  They had so much fun playing and stomping in their gigantic puddle.  I am thankful that Zélie wanted absolutely nothing to do with their makeshift watering hole.
Zélie's faces keep me laughing.  It's hard to be serious when she makes goofy faces like this!

Happy 11 months Zélie!  Your 1st year is flying by.  You took your first step this week, even though you seemed completely unaware that you had done it. You also gave Daddy a kiss today when he asked for one.  You love to shake your head yes and no even if you get the two confused sometimes.  You have a great sense of humor for such a young child and your laugh is contagious. You bring such a warmth and joy into our family.

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  1. As always, incredible photos. Thank you so much for including us this week! I love the photo!!! And that one of them playing in the water...😍😍😍😍