Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Storms Galore!

In the past 10 days, Delaware has been hit by two major snow storms. A snow storm here is usually 6 inches or less, and these two snow storms brought a combined total of about 3 feet of snow. I decided to take a few photos to document these unprecedented snow falls. Mind you, I've seen snow like this many a time in my life; I did, afterall, grow up in Massachusetts.
This was taken after the first storm had ended. The rest of the photos were taken during the second snowstorm.
Can you spot Ish's car?

Welcome to Narnia!

The wind was blowing so hard that everything looked a little blurred around the edges.

The branches of the evergreen trees were being weighed down by all of the snow.

The area in front of our appartment is still covered in this much snow several days later.

Did I mention we are supposed to get another 3 inches tonight?

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  1. Wow! That is A LOT of snow!! We have had very little this year. The year we had a lot, I was due with baby #3 in February. Our laneway was cleaned out by our neighbours the minute a flake of snow fell ;o).