Friday, March 15, 2013

From Bedtime Story to Bedtime Song

I recently picked up a copy of Gregory, the Terrible Eater at a used bookstore.  It is one of my childhood favorites so when I found it for less than $2.00, I jumped at the chance to be able to share such a fun book with my children.  The book has quickly become one of Little Ish's favorites.

When Little Ish latches onto a book, parts of the text often seep into his daily life.  It is not abnormal to overhear him reciting books word for word as he plays.  Sometimes he seamlessly slips a quote or two into his conversations with me and Ish.  Wednesday night at bedtime Gregory, the Terrible Eater brought the carryover from book to daily life to a whole new level.  As I started to sing Little Ish his bedtime songs, he stopped me and requested that I sing a different song. When I asked him what song he would like, he responded, "Gregory, the Terrible Eater".  I told him I didn't know that song, but he persisted in his request.  In hopes of having a peaceful bedtime, I made this little ditty up off the top of my head:

Gregory, the Terrible Eater,
All he wants to do is eat fruits and vegetables

Gregory, the Terrible Eater,
His mom and dad were worried
So they brought him to the doctor

Gregory, the Terrible Eater
Why won’t he just eat a tin can?
(Why won’t he just eat a tin can?)

 Little Ish was pleased and the song is now requested multiple times per day.  As I laid him in his crib that night, his last words to me were, "Mom, I'm an average goat".  Yup, books really do trickle into every corner of life if you let them.

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