Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Knitting Helper and Even More Fermentation

I do the majority of my knitting while my children are asleep.  Usually I knit between 5AM and 6:30AM.  Sometimes I knit during naptime or on car rides, but most of my knitting is done out of the reach of little hands.  On Sunday, I was knitting while Little Ish played quietly.  Eventually he tired of whatever he was playing and decided to come see what I was up to.  He asked me if he could help me knit.  Since I was knitting a (very long) wrong side row on my shawl I agreed to let him help.  He sat on my lap.  I worked the needles and he took care of wrapping the working yarn around the needle for each knit stitch.  It was a very pleasant way to spend some one on one time with him even if it meant the row took 3 times as long to knit.

The shawl itself is progressing nicely.  I am not moving along particularly fast, but I am pretty sure I can finish by Easter which was my original goal.  I have memorized the pattern at this point, so I don't have to be constantly checking the book for what comes next.  It makes for fairly relaxed knitting.

I am still reading and thoroughly enjoying The Art of Fermentation.  Since I've been so focused on finishing my shawl for Easter, I have been reading this book fairly slowly.  I have yet to ferment anything, but I will be sure to share my experiences when I do.

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  1. Your shawl is beautiful! I need to tackle a spring like knitting project soon. I'm curious what will be your first fermentation project.


  2. very sweet little picture of you and the little one :)

  3. Sine,

    I have a lot of yarn,left over from my crocheting and rug weaving days,just sitting in my basement. Are you interested? If so, I can send it to you the next time Bill drives out here; probably tis summer.

    Gerry Stabosz