Friday, January 29, 2010

The Diplomat

I realised that I have used "The Diplomat" in more than one entry, yet I have not given any explanation. I am sure some of you have surmised that I am referring to the little guy or gal growing inside of me; you are correct. So where did this nickname come from?

Last weekend, Ish and I had dinner with a group of our friends. This group of friends happens to be multi-generational. One of the elder members of the group asked Ish and I what we were calling our baby while (s)he is in utero. Our answers of "The Bean" and "Baby Stabosz" were met with questioning looks. Apparently the elder generation of our friends gave their children nicknames that correspond to titles of civic/government positions while they were hanging out in utero. They encouraged us to do the same, and we took up the challenge. After many suggestions from our friends and a good many laughs, we settled on "The Diplomat".

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  1. I had wondered how you came up with Baby's in utero name. Fun! Enjoy the pool too! It's a great way to exercise when you're growing a baby!