Friday, January 29, 2010

Diving in!*

Like many people, I am not very good at making sure I get as much exercise as I need; in fact, I am generally pretty horrible at it! I have, however, wanted to make exercising enough a priority during this pregnancy. My 1st trimester did not really allow for this; getting out of bed drained me of enough energy to be ready for a nap as my feet hit the floor. Now that I am about 20 weeks into my pregnancy, I am more than ready to start moving, and I have!

I found out that my alma mater offers an alumni gym membership which gives allows access not only to the fitness center and various gyms/courts but also to the indoor pool. On Wednesday, Ish brought me to sign-up for my membership, and yesterday I went to the open lap swim! It felt really good to be in the water, and The Diplomat was kicking and flopping around for most of my swim. I couldn't make the open lap swim today as I had an ultrasound scheduled for that time, but I will be going tomorrow while Ish sits in a nearby coffee shop grading a stack of papers (I am pretty sure I get the better deal no matter how good the coffee is!) I am really looking forward to spending more time in the pool!

* For anyone worried by this posts title, I did not dive into the pool, nor will I be doing so at any other time in the pregnancy!

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