Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Totally beat...

With the beginning of my second trimester my energy returned, but for the past 10 days or so, I have been really exhausted. I have been going to bed running on empty and waking up 8 hours later feeling just as tired as I was the night before. At first I thought I might becoming down with a cold, but that was not the case. It has led me to start to question my iron levels. I have a prenatal visit on Monday and I am planning on mentioning my exhaustion levels to my midwife. Until then, if anyone has any suggestions on boosting my energy in a healthy, baby-friendly way, I would greatly appreciate it.


  1. I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but my mom always says the best cure is fresh air and exercise, but that's easier said than done in many parts of the country this time of year.

    If it's any consolation, I am not pregnant and I am totally beat too. Perhaps it is just the time of year. Hopefully, if it is anything, your midwife will be able to help out.


  2. I was born and raised in New England, but now live in the Mid-Atlantic. Comparatively, it is quite warm here. I have been trying to get out most days before the sun goes down.

    Thank you for the encouragement! God bless you and yours.