Sunday, January 31, 2010


Ish and I went to the library today and borrowed the movie Fireproof. It is a beautifully crafted Christian film that stands as a testament to the sanctity of marriage. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me thankful for the sincere and loving man that I am honored to call my husband. I would strongly recommend this film to all married and engaged couples.

Also, the librarian mentioned that she had watched Fireproof with her 13 yearold daughter and used it as a springboard for discussion and learning about relationships and marriage. I could definitely see this film being effectively used as a way to start a valuable discussion with teenagers.

Not only is this film a good teaching tool, but it has the added benefit of being a very clean film in terms of both language and sexual references. Some of the scenes with fires and accidents may be too scary for younger children, but other than that, it is a family film. I give it two thumbs way up!


  1. If you like this movie, you have to watch Facing the Giants it's made by the same company. At first I thought ... ugh a football movie, but it was so much more. Football is just a small part of the entire moive. Like Fireproof you will find yourself crying and laughing and sitting on the edge of the couch. It's a movie about faith, hope, love, and the power of prayer. It's an amazing movie I had to buy it!!

  2. Thank you for the recommendation! I'll have to check and see if my local library has it; they have a pretty extensive DVD collection which sure beats renting movies. :-)